Our Team

"Introducing OUR TEAM: a dynamic group of passionate young individuals with diverse educational backgrounds, united by our love for creative excellence. Within the collaborative space of CtrlZ, we channel our collective enthusiasm for design to deliver maximum impact for our clients. Our team thrives on the fusion of fresh perspectives, creating a holistic approach to every project

Farhan Adli

Animation Director

Egy Megistra

Creative Director

Jay Rastkha

Development & Partnership Director


B2B & Retails Director

Yuda Wirafiato

Business Advisor

Aditya Fadel

Operations & Support


Design Graphic

Denny Jajang A

Photographer & IT

Our Collective Studio

"Unlock Limitless Creativity with OUR COLLECTIVE STUDIO: Where Diverse Creative Forces Converge under the CtrlZ Umbrella! Step into a realm of boundless innovation and design excellence as OUR COLLECTIVE STUDIO proudly brings together a dynamic group of creatives from various core disciplines. United within the CtrlZ platform, we are a powerhouse of imaginative minds committed to delivering unparalleled results for our clients. At OUR COLLECTIVE STUDIO, diversity is our strength. Our team comprises visionaries specializing in a myriad of creative fields, seamlessly collaborating to transcend boundaries and redefine possibilities. We thrive on the fusion of unique perspectives, pushing the limits of creativity to craft solutions that captivate and inspire. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our clients. With a sharp focus on the end result, OUR COLLECTIVE STUDIO ensures a transformative journey from concept to reality. We don't just create; we elevate, providing you with a bespoke experience that goes beyond expectations

Our Client

Discover Excellence with OUR CLIENT: A Trusted Choice for Creative, Design, and Production. Join our esteemed list of partners who have experienced the transformative impact of our innovative solutions. Your vision is our priority – choose OUR CLIENT for unparalleled results and a collaborative journey towards creative excellence.

Join us in embracing the extraordinary at OUR COLLECTIVE STUDIO, where innovation knows no bounds, and every project is a masterpiece in the making. CtrlZ: Where Creativity Finds Its Ultimate Expression!”